Panels & Props

TAblA is a high octane, high performance engineered modular panel shoring system. TAblA is FAST.

TAblA Assembly

TAblA offers more erection, stripping and financial satisfaction than can every be expected from conventional shoring systems. It begins with rigid panel construction that enhances handling. The sharply honed TAblA Prop with its integrated drop-head puts you in control and helps to ensure confident erection and ease of stripping, while backpropping remains undisturbed. A high rate of production. The Panel and Prop with engineered automatic wind lock provides job safety with a rigid interlocking system that prevents tipping during erection even without bracing and is designed to withstand wind loads up to hurricane force.

You get ease of handling. You feel that you are experiencing the best of all worlds in shoring. Your crews not only look like but indeed are out preforming.

The standard TAblA shoring system is a unique system erected from the working floor up to a height of 16'6"/5030. TAblA can accommodate drop bands, drop heads and it's design allows for all interruptions.

  • On a grid of 4'x8'/2400x1200 TAblA can support 14"/355* of concrete including live load with a safety factor of 3:1.
  • On a grid of 6'x4'/1800x1200 TAblAcan support 22"/558* of concrete including live load with safety factor of 3:1.
  • On a grid of 4'x4'/1200x1200 TAblA can support 34"/863* of concrete including live load with a safety factor of 3:1.

Key Components

  • TAblA Prop with unique support mechanism
  • TAblA Panel with unique corner mechanism and rigid corner construction

When you utilize TAblA, you are assured of a safe, efficient and cost effective shoring system.

Life is all about trade-offs, right? It seems that this is a rule made even more hard and fast when you're shopping for new shoring. At TAblA, we live to rewrite rules. Look at TAblA... it has performance, safety and efficiency all in one package. Plus, it has a reputation that's nothing less than legendary. So forget about the rules. For once, you can have it all.

Gate Braces

Gate Braces

TAblA Gate Braces are used for starting erection and to stabilize high floor shoring. Gate Braces are available in standard sizes of 4'/1200, 6'/ 1800 and 8'/2400.

Download the Performance Manual