Connecting Hardware

Even if you already know exactly what you want in traditional shoring, TAblA offers so much more. it just may raise your standards.

From the moment you first handle TAblA, your senses appreciate the strength and feel. Every detail reinforces a sense of solidity, quality and smart design. The ergonomics is typical TAblA in its excellence.

Consider all your expectations exceeded.

TAblA has two connectors for use in attaching the panel to the structural concrete (both can be easily pre-located for multi-lift shear walls or cores that are poured ahead of the slab).

Wall Bracket

Wall Bracket

The Wall Bracket is designed to provide lateral and veritical support for the TAblA Panels and is another alterate way of getting started . It is fastened to a vertical concrete support that is part of the structure . This eliminate the need of a plywood filler.

Wall Beam

The Wall Beam is designed to provide immediate lateral stability and is an alternate way of getting started. It is fastened directly to a vertical concrete support that is part of the structure or to a wood member that has been previously fastened to the structure.

This eliminates the need of a plywood filler.

The end leg of the Wall Beam fits in the Prop Cups just like a panel. Simply angle the Props under the leg and rotate vertically against the wall (or column) automatically spacing the Props.

Be sure to face the trigger release mechanism is facing out.

Download the Performance Manual