Cantilever System

Build a shoring system that combines power, efficiency and dependability, and the good news travels fast... "TAblA Is Fast". Keep innovating as TAblA has, and you're not just a newsmaker, you're on your way setting industry standards.

An example is our Cantilever technology that maximizes efficiency, provides enormous safety on slab edges and turns difficult motion into opportunity.

Cantilevers create great wind sail and some authority estimates that the uplift wind on tall buildings can be as high as 40 lbs per sq. ft. This type of wind force is a formidable foe, exerting force far greater than a 120mph/190k/hr hurricane. "TAblA can handle it".

The Mounting Shoe can be attached to the edge of the slab with a self tapping concrete screw. The Guard Rail Section sits on the Shoe.

The upper "Guard Rail Section" is installed at the same time by pinning to the Panel and rotated up.

By use of the Cantilever Support Post (sometimes referred to as "raker"), the panel is now rotated into a horizontal position and the foot of the post is inserted into the Mounting Shoe, pinned into place.

When erecting and dismantling, it is only necessary to remove one Guard Rail Section at a time.

TAblA Guard Rail Sections are used for the edge of the TAblA Panel and for the perimeter edge protection on the floor below.

When attaching the Guard Rail Sections to TAblA Panel's this is done by inserting and pinning the Guard Rail Assembly to the Guard Rail Adapter, which has been affixed to the Panel.

Attaching the Guard Rail Sections to the slab is done by inserting and pinning the Guard Rail Assembly to the Mounting Shoes which has been securely affixed to the slab.

Guard Rail

The Guard Rail Sections can be used as a template for installing the Mounting Bracket.


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