Modular Shoring System

Safe, Fast, Efficient


The Standard Tabla Shoring System is a unique system erected from the working floor up to a height of 12’/3658. With Prop Extension the system can be erected up to a height of 16’/4877. For higher floors see the Tabla Pioneer System on page 24. Tabla Shoring can accommodate drop bands, drop heads and its design allows for all interruptions.
The Tabla Prop with its integrated Drop-head ensures ease of erection and stripping, while backpropping remains undisturbed. Tabla Props are available in two sizes: 10’-0”/3280 mm and 12’-0”/3936 mm. In addition, there is a Prop Extension which, when coupled with a Tabla Prop, allows for additional height of 4’-6”/1476 mm. Our Prop features numbered adjustment holes, and an all new quick release reshore base.

The Tabla Panel features a specially designed Tabla Fastener which allows for the KD (knocked down) option for container shipping overseas. This also makes it a snap for qualified personnel to replace damaged components. The new design will work with existing Tabla components. In addition, the Tabla Panel features a powder coated, colour coded finish for quick identification between side and end rails of the panel. Simply match colours during erection.

    Please contact Tabla regarding the replacement of damaged components. Always use Genuine Tabla Components; never use substitutes.For maximum performance and
detailed information, review this manual in its entirety.