Modular Shoring System


Concrete being pumped onto typical ramp constructed using Tabla Shoring.
The Tabla Shoring System has the unique ability to be used on ramps. To the right is a typical example of ramp erection.
Please note that terminus Shear Plate must be anchored to the concrete slab before a dead or live load is placed on Tabla Panels. Additional bracing is not required under sloped areas in single Prop arrangements of Tabla, provided that Shear Anchors or Shear Braces are firmly in place, and Panels are blocked at existing walls and columns (see layout drawings). Shear load is accumulative when concrete is poured from top down. These calculations are based upon uphill pours. Consult the Tabla Engineering Department if poured downhill.
For conditions not shown in this brochure and or the Engineering Bulletin, contact the Tabla Engineering Department (TED).

When extreme conditions exist between slopes on the supporting slab and the supported slab, contact the Tabla Engineering Department.

When the supporting floor is not at the same slope as ramp above, wedges must be provided to maintain full bearing across the base plate.
For special bracing details, consult
the Tabla Engineering Department
(TED) at (905) 844-5300 or