Modular Shoring System

TAblA Pioneer

High Floor Shoring System

Tabla Pioneer is a high floor shoring system which allows you to go to any height (subject to shoring tower specifications). It can be erected using Tabla’s Pioneer Head Assembly (Detail 1) or Tabla Prop (Detail 2). Either configuration can be attached to most standard shoring frames using Tabla’s Pioneer Connector. The system allows for stripping of the Panels while backshoring remains undisturbed. The new Tabla Quick Release Reshore Base (Detail 3) attaches to most screw-jacks using Tabla’s Pioneer Screw Adaptor. This allows the system to provide shoring, backshoring and reshoring using the same principal as Tabla’s Standard Shoring System. See pages 8 and 9 for more information regarding Backshoring and Reshoring.



1 Erect shoring towers using Tabla Panel spacing
2 Remove Head Plate from Pioneer Head Assembly or Tabla Prop
3 Connect Pioneer Head Assembly or Tabla Prop to top of shoring frames
4 Drop Tabla Panels into position from above, snap in Tabla Prop Heads, then pour the floor
5 Once concrete reaches 2000 psi, and in accordance with ACI, strip Tabla Panels

Note: Tabla advise the use of a safe access system for this work.