Modular Shoring System

With Tabla the Future is Now!

When I started the design of the Tabla Modular Shoring System, safety was the first and most important criteria. The well being of the workers who clearly would trust us was paramount. To those workers, we promise that we will never employ anything less than a 3:1 safety factor under live conditions, regardless of economic pressures.

Another decisive factor was to create the most economical system in the world. Thousands of design and trial hours have made this a reality. We have kept the end operation simple and safe. Currently we have over 2 million square feet, or 180,000 square meters of Tabla in operation and have poured over 200 million square feet, or 18 million square meters of concrete in North America and Europe.

Our customers have consistently erected Tabla panels and props up to 12’/3658 high with 14”/356 thick slabs and 11’/3353 high with 16”/406 thick slabs, including backshoring and reshoring, at a rate that exceeds 300 square feet, or 28 square meters per m an hour. Additionally, panels have been removed at a rate that exceeds 600 square feet, or 56 square meters per man hour in less than 2 days curing time, with a vastly reduced crew.

We promise to continue to faithfully improve Tabla, seeing to it that our system is always Fast, Safe and Efficient. We introduced the second generation of Tabla at the 2007 World of Concrete in Las Vegas along with giving a “sneak peak” of our New Quick-release Reshore and the world’s first KD (knocked down) panel.

Another future release will be an aluminum prop that will provide a height up to 22’/6706, and most importantly, in­­stant adjustment. This will eliminate the now accepted screw, common in the market place today.

There is much more on the drawing board in the Tabla Engineering Department , so stay tuned, but first let us tell you about the Tabla Modular Shoring System.

  The Tabla Modular Shoring System is an engineered modular panel shoring system which offers faster erection and stripping time than conventional shoring systems, directly increases financial return.
The rigid construction of the Tabla Panel enhances handling and durability. The Tabla Prop, with its integrated
Drop-head, ensures confident assembly and ease of stripping from the floor below, while backpropping remains undisturbed.
The automatic wind lock design of the Panel and Prop prevents tipping during erection. The Tabla Modular Shoring System has resisted gale force wind loads.
  The inner rod of the Tabla Assembly/Disassembly Tool (ADT) has holes to accept a locking pin for adjustment.
The ADT knob is inserted into the hole in the inside strut of the panel. Once the tool is inserted, the panel is rotated (lifted) into the horizontal position and supports the panel until the Prop is installed.