Modular Shoring System

Infill Components

Tabla Infill Components

Tabla infill Components are designed to bridge between Panels or between Panels, walls and columns.


Side and End Filler Beams
Side and End Filler Beams allow 3/4” plywood to infill to the side of the Panel. The benefits of using Side and End Filler Beams are :

• Provide nailer strip for connecting
3/4” plywood;

• Eliminates notching of plywood around Post Shore Heads;

• Eliminates eccentric loading on Prop;

• Colour coded* for quick identification between Side and End Rails of Panels – simply match colours during erection.

Place the Filler Beam into the Prop Cup and secure it using the Tabla Gravity Lock through accessory holes of the Panel and Filler Beam.

*Colours are reversed for metric sizes.